FIFA World Cup 2022

One of the biggest sporting events in the world especially on post-Corona is the FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be held from November 21 to December 18, 2022 in Qatar. Enthusiasts from all over the world should be prepared for this exciting journey from now on to see and enjoy this event. But how much better along with all the excitement to enjoy the ancient civilizations among other attractions of this ancient region.

Iran in the neighborhood of Qatar and with a very short distance of its attractive tourist cities with Doha can combine your exciting football trip to an attractive short trip to the world of ancient civilization in the heart of nature and pristine world along with modern life.

TAVAKOLI Tour & Travel Agency (WITH OVER HALF A CENTURY EXPERIENCE IN TOURISM) is arranging some short time tours and has the proud to invite you taking these short trips (tailor made) of 2-3 days at your own suggesting date, along with watching the exciting matches of your favorite team, apart from the result of the competition, associate the memory of the 2022 World Cup with the memory of a pleasant and memorable trip with:

  • Several   IN/OUT  flights&  CRUSE with different airlines.
  • Completely affordable tour prices.
  • Several UNESCO registered sites for replacement if requested.

Shiraz (Land of poetry-flower& the world’s oldest civilizations)

Type: Cultural

Duration: 3 Day

Flight duration: Doha to Shiraz (capital of Cyrus):  1:20”

This city has been known as the most significant tourism center, the 6th populous city, the cultural capital of the country, 2nd literary city in the world, the 3rd religious city, the 3rd holy shrine of Iran and the city of poetry & flower. The tombs of several poets such as Hafez and Sa’adi placed in Shiraz where embraces a major part of Iran’s ancient history, historical, cultural, religious and natural attractions. 

Bazaar-e Vakil, a traditional bazaar, Arg-e Karim Khan, a historic castle, Nasir al-Moluk Mosque (also Pink Mosque) and historic Agha Baba Khan School, built during the Zand and the Qajar dynasties, are among the most beautiful places of Shiraz you should not miss.

3- days suggesting plan to Shiraz

1st day: Shahcheragh – Atiq Grand Mosque -Nasir Al-Molk (PINK) Mosque-Zinat al-Moluk House

2nd DAY: Pink mosque, Persepolis-Naghsh Rostam-Pasargad

3rd DAY:  Vakil Complex-Hafez & Saadi Tomb


Isfahan on the Silk Road

Type: Cultural

Duration: 3 Day

Flight duration:  Doha to Isfahan:   1:45”

The city retains much of its history. It is famous for its Perso–Islamic architecture, grand boulevards, covered bridges, palaces, tiled mosques, and minarets. Isfahan also has many historical buildings, monuments, paintings, and artifacts. The fame of Isfahan led to the Persian proverb Esfahān nesf-e-jahān ast (Isfahan is half (of) the world). Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan is one of the largest city squares in the world, and UNESCO has designated it a World Heritage Site .Also: Moshir Al-molk Historical Cafe galley, Qeysarieh Cafe and Gallery, Qazi Persian Bath, Hasht Behehst palace, Ashin Eco-village and Abbasi Caravansary.

3 -days suggesting plan to Isfahan

1st DAY: Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque-Imam Square -33 pole (33 bridge)

2nd DAY: Isfahan Bird Garden- Aquarium-Jolfa district -Isfahan Music Museum-Vank Church- Khajoo Bridge

3rd DAY: Mushir al-Mulk House- House of Constitutionalism-Ali Qapo-Grand Bazaar -Haj Mirza Tea House


Tehran heaven for museum lovers

Type: Cultural

Flight duration:  Doha to Tehran:  2:15”

With more than 70 operating museums, Tehran has more to offer as you thought. And many of these museums has objects to offer which you could only dream to see in Louvre or Metropolitan… Especially in the national and Jewelry Museum where you can find pre-history pieces, Abbasi Museum with its mesmerizing craftsmanship, Moghaddam museum, Ceramic and glassware, Music and breathtaking carpet museum, Time Museum and of course our favorite: Contemporary Art Museum

Also: Damavand Mountain – The Tabiat Bridge is the largest pedestrian overpass, Grand Bazzar…


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