As an Islamic country, Muharram is considered one of the most sacred months in Iran and also among the other Muslims worldwide.

Many different religious ceremonies are held during this month, especially during the first ten days of this month. Without any doubt the religious ceremonies which are held in Iran in Muharram are considered incredibly different and holy compared to the other Islamic countries.

Muharram in 2018 will start on Tuesday, 11th of September 2018 and will last till Tuesday, the 9th of October 2018

Visiting Iran during Ashura and Muharram can be a truly extraordinary experience – and a perfect time to experience one of the most important and significant events of Shia Muslims in Iran.

Ashura in Iran can be a fascinating time to travel in the country, as it allows particular insights into the Shia Muslims and hospitable disposition of the Iranian people.

Ta’zieh is a traditional Persian theatrical genre in which the drama is conveyed predominantly through music and dramatic narration.  It is a play on religious rituals, which is especially performed in Iran during the holy month of Muharram concurrent with the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and 72 of his companions in Karbala.

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