HorseBack riding and Cultural tour

HorseBack riding and Cultural tour

Region: Starts from Shiraz, Qashqaie Nomads’ Place and lasts in Tehran. 

       Shiraz  – Pasargad                          2/N

1stday:Arrival.Shiraz  O/N Shiraz
Sightseeing in the most cultural town in Iran with all archeological unique constructions and all the memories of literature around the city.

Narenjestan garden, Vakil ensemble; Mosque & Bazar, ArgeKarimkhani( karimkhani Citadel), the tombs of two Iranian Poets Hafez and Saadi. 



2nd day: Perspolis,Pasargad O/N Shiraz
Most famous Heritage of Persian history in Shiraz’ suburbs; Perspolis (Unesco Heritage Site).      Naghshe-Rostam near Pasargad 


 3th day: Shiraz, Sepidan, Homayjan (O/N Homayjan Camp/Tent B-L-D)

 From Shiraz to Homayjan via Sepidan. ~ 2 hours.

Picking up your appropriate horse of Dareshori. 2 or 3 hours of horse back riding

 4&5th  day:Homayjan,Komehr, Sivkhalaj 2/N sivKhalaj(Camp /Tent B-L-D)
Drive to Komehr for 1HRS. Riding to Qashqaie Nomad Territories about 3HRS to sivkhalaj.

6 &7th day: SivKhalaj,Espion,Kore River 2/N Kore River( Camp, Tent B-L-D)

Espion village in 5HRS riding. Ride to beautiful river of Kore

Riding in dunes to see everything about 5 hours

8th day :Drive back to Shiraz O/N Shiraz

9th day : Transfer to the international airport for flight back

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