International Nowruz Day

March 21 was officially recognized in 2010 as International Nowruz Day by the United Nations at the request of countries including Afghanistan, Albania, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Turkmenistan

According to traditional mythology, the beginning of the celebration of Nowruz goes back to fifteen thousand years ago, the day that Jamshid Shah (the Yima or Yama of India and Iran) sat on the throne. The term “Nowruz Jamshidi” comes from this belief

Following the fall of the Babylonian Empire, celebrations among the Syriac and Sumerian and Akkadian tribes gradually declined. But again in the early twentieth century, the Syriacs celebrated their ancient New Year with the name “Ekito”, which was moved from April 1 to April 20 because of their conversion to Christianity and acceptance of Gregory’s calendar

Ernest Hertzfeld, a prominent German Iranologist who led the first scientific excavation of Persepolis, believed that Darius had built it as a nursery.

Nowruz as the spring season beginning is celebrating in many other countries around the world among their national holiday.

March 21 was officially recognized in 2010 as International Nowruz Day

European countries that are mainly Germanic cultures have celebrations such as Iranian Spring Festival.

One of these is Easter

The tradition of Easter fire is one of the customs that the Germans were familiar with. Fire tabs have been a means to put an end to the cold, as well as driving out demons and evil spirits.It is said that the light of the fire brings happiness. This ritual is celebrated on Wednesday in Syria (the last Wednesday of the year) in Iran.

Swedish spring celebration

The Swedes have a traditional tradition of beauty for the four seasons of the year.

In spring, baby girls come to people’s homes Thursday, just before Easter, coloring their faces, wearing scarves and long skirts, and in the awe of Easter wizards. Celebrating Wednesday (last Wednesday of the year) in Iran is closely like Halloween (literally translated as “spoon-banging”).

 Las Fallas

Every year on the last days of winter and on the occasion of spring from March 15th to 19th, Valencia is celebrated by burning wood and firewood, which is one of the most beautiful and incredible celebrations. Made of wood, thick cardboard and … with interesting shapes of cartoon characters, interesting smileys, political figures and so on and people jump out of these fires and dance and cheer as It’s like Syrian Wednesday.

Nowruzand its similar ceremony around the world

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