Sang-Shekan Cave,Jahrom


The Sangeshkan or Sang-Shekan cave, said to be the largest man-made cave in the world, lies to the south of Jahrom


Jahrom is a city in and the capital of Jahrom County, Fars Province, Iran

Jahrom’s history goes back some 2500 years when the Achaemenids established the Persian Empire


The Sassanid monument of Qadamgāh is located to the south east of the city 190 km from Shiraz, experts believe the monument was constructed during the late Sasanian dynastic era (224-651 CE), and it was a Zoroastrian shrine, probably a fire temple. The monument was registered in Iran’s National Heritage list in 1956 but sadly the site in danger as the result of unprofessional restorations. Jahrom is the birthplace of Barbod, who became the main lyricist and musician in the court of the great Sassanid king Khosrau II(Parviz).


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