UNESCO registered sites in Iran

UNESCO has registered many sites along Iran and there is a glance on them as followed

Description Registration Location Name NO.
Choghazanbil is an ancient sanctuary, built on Elamites about 1250 BC This ziggurat (part of Dohaust city) is architecturally different from the rest of Mesopotamian ziggurats. 1979 Khuzestan Choga  Zanbil Ziggurat 1
Persepolis or Parseh located in Marvdasht, is one of the ancient cities of Iran.There is a collection of palaces called Persepolis, built on time of Darius the Great, Kheshayar Shah and Ardeshir I. 1979 Fars Perspolis 2
Isfahan Naghshe-e Jahan Square is one of the largest rectangular fields in Iran, enclosed with Safavid buildings.This square has been established during Shah Abbas Safavid. And includes many monuments like Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Qasiriyah. 1979 Isfahan Naghshe-e jahan Square 3
Takht Soliman is a large historical site, near Takab in West Azarbaijan Province. The monumental complex on it was built around natural lakes. Parthian , Sassanid and Ilkhani buildings can be found thereThe most important of them is the fire temple and Sassanid forums. 2003 West Azarbaijan Takte Sloiman 4
Arg e Bam is located in the northern corner of Bam in Kerman province  next to the Silk Road.According to numerous narratives, it is related to the Parthian or Achaemenid era By the end of Qajar period, Bam citadel was still residential, but this historic monument ruined by the earthquake December 26, 2003 2004 Kerman Arg e Bam 5
The ancient Pasargad collection, a memorial from the great Achaemenid era, is located in the same name town Some of historic buildings of this place are Pasargad Mosque and Gardens, Cambyses Temple, Palace of the Gate, the Mozafari Caravansary and the Shahi Gardens. 2004 Fars province Pasargad 6
Soltanieh dome (one of the largest domes of Iran) is located in Zanjan province and the old town of Soltanieh. Next to this complex is the tomb of Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh, which is the third largest dome of the world after Santamaría Delphiore in Italy and Sofia in Turkey 2005 Zanjan Soltanieh dome 7
Bisotun inscription ( the largest epitaph of the world), is the first well-known Persian text of the Achaemenid dynasty, located in the Harsin city, near Kermanshah, on the slopes of Mount Bisotun This epitaph marks the story of Darius the Great captive rebels on Gotham Magh. 2006 Kermanshah Bisotun inscription 8
 Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran consists of three churches called the Qara church, the Holy Sepulcher and Zur Zur These churches were established during seventh and fourteenth centuries and rebuilt over time. 2008 west/east Azarbaijan Armenian Monastic  Ensembles 9
Shushtar Aquatic Structures were built during the Achaemenid period to the Sassanian for extraction of water.This is composed of bridges, rivers, mills, waterfalls, large canals and large tunnels This structure is hand maded from Gargar River and restored in Ardeshir Babcan during Qajar era. The nearest attractive site to this complex is Kaiser and Salsal Castle. 2009 Khuzestan Shushtar Aquatic Structures 10
Tabriz bazaar with 1 km² is one of the largest indoor ones in the world, which has registered in the world This is composed of cellars, houses and Caravanserai given a special role to Tabriz 2010 East Azarbaijan Historical Complex of Tabriz Bazaar 11
  Tomb of Sheikh Safiuddin Ardebili belongs to the great mystic Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardebili, who is the ancestor of the Safavid king, that is why the artists of that era are involved in the creation of an interior architecture . This building along with the special nature attracts so many tourists. 2010 Ardabil Tomb of Sheikh Safiuddin Ardebili 12
. Iranian gardens which are of the most interesting and attractive gardens in the world has a difference with other gardens in the world and that is how to use water and trees in their buildings. Some of them are Finn, Eram, Pasargad, Shazdeh, Dolatabad, etc 2011 Fars Eram Garden 13
Isfahan Jame Mosque is one of the most important and oldest religious buildings in Iran. This is composed of numerous historical sites, such as Nizam al-Mulk dome, the Taj al-Mulk dome, four porch seraglio, Mozafari school ,each of which represents Islamic art in particular periods. The architecture of Mosque reflects Byzantine and classical art in a traditional and Islamic building 2012 Isfahan Isfahan Jame Mosque 14
Gonbad Qaboos Tower in Golestan Province, is one of the largest brick towers in the world that has remained since the 4th century AH and makes a special view to the city 2012 Golestan Gonbad Qaboos Tower 15
Golestan Palace is a beautiful palace in central Tehran having hosted 7 Qajar king over the years,from Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar to Ahmad Shah 2013 Tehran Gelestan Palace 16
So many antiquities has been found in burnt city with more than five thousand years old, like Thakhte Nar, synthetic eye and very beautiful and valuable pottery. 2014 Sistan and Baluchestan burnt city 17
Meymand village is one of the most beautiful villages in Kerman, with a great ancient civilization, especially that tourists can stay overnight. 2015 Kerman Meymand and Babak town 18
Shosh is one of the oldest residential cities in the world Its foundation probably dates back to 4,000 to 7,000 BC According to the remains of the city of Susa, this city is one of the most important and magnificent ancient cities of Iran and the world . The tomb of Daniel the prophet is also in this city 2015 Khuzestan Shosh 19
The aqueduct system has boosted agricultural and livestock production in desert and dry areas These are some famous canals in Iran: Qanat Baladeh, Ferdows, Qasbah Gonabad, Hassan Abad Mehriz and Zarch Yazd, t Ebrahim Abad Arak, Mozabat Meyma, Wazwan Isfahan Ardestan Moon Aqueduct, Qanat Jupar, Akbar Abad and Qasem Abad, which is one of the eleven well-known Iranian caverns, has been indicative the ancient system of irrigation 2016 Razavi & South Khorasan Yazd Central Kerman Isfahan Iran aqueduct system 20
The hottest spot in the world, (Gandom Briyan) is located in desert Lut desert which is also known as Shahdad in Kerman This area is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. And attracts so many tourists for its beautiful unique night sky and the clutches 2016 Kerman Lut desert Shahdad 21
The historic city Yazd is located on the central plateau of Iran and in the province with same name and has beautiful and unique tourist sites, such as: historical texture, qanat system, historic houses, old bazar, baths, mosques, Zartosht Temple and Dolatabad Garden 2017 Yazd historic Yazd 22
A complexl of seven ancient sites are located in three southern provinces of Fars province. These includes urban structures and palaces remaining from Ardeshir Babcan and Shapur I These very valuable and beautiful sites indicates the proper exploitation of the natural topography and influence of the art of Achaemenid architecture ,culture, which has had a great impact on Iranian architecture   2018 Fars Sasanian ancient complex 23

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