diving in deep waters of the glorious islands of Iran

 Canyon Beach  


Site depth: 8 to 14 m

Site location: Southwestern side of the beautiful island of Kish

Type of site:Western coast of the Greek Ship in Kish Island. Beautiful  cliffs and  rocks. Sometimes, turtle and stingray can be seen on this site. Carpet sharks (totally safe) are visible on the site.


Site depth:12 to 16 meters

Site location:Between Kish Island and the Isle of Hendurabi

Type of site:This site is in a shallow area with beautiful Corals. The depth of surrounding waters is about sixty meters. This site is a pristine area with very beautiful and unique sights of colorful fish and corals.

Southern Crack 




Site Name:Southern crack

Site depth:10 to 14 m.

Site location:South of Kish Island

Type of site:A very exciting long coral rift within which a lot of marine life living in the perimeter. Flow of water in this area is very tangible in the area.

Big Coral and Jurassic Park 





Site Name:Big Coral and Jurassic Park

Site depth:4 to 12 m.

Site location:East of Kish Island

Type of site:A shallow area with numerous fish and corals. Because of shallow depth, this site is very ideal for beginner divers.

Dama Ship

Site Name: Dama Ship
Site depth:18 to 33 m

Site location: South east of Kish Island

Type pf site: Dama shipwreck is located at a depth of 32 meters in the sea. The ship sank about seven years ago and is now home of the beautiful diverse fish types in the Persian Gulf.



Site Name: Hedurabi island beaches

Site Depth:4 to 14 m.

Site location: The beaches of the island of Hendurabi

Type of site:diving in the waters around the island of Hendurabi with different beautiful areas.


Zoo beach 

Site Name:Zoo Beach

Site depth: 4 to 6 meters

Site location: In front of the Darius hotel

Type of site: This site is shallow and beautiful coral beach, the site is also a very desirable place for beginner divers because of its shallow depth.


Qeshm is an Iranian island in the Strait of Hormuz and separated from the mainland by the Clarence Strait/Khuran in the Persian Gulf. This an amazing island is one of the great places for Diving in the Persian Golf to see over 700 species of fish, most of which are native to the gulf. Of these 700 species, more than 80% are coral reef associated, and directly or indirectly depend on the coral reef for their survival. Overall, the wildlife of the Persian Gulf is endangered from both global factors, and regional, local negligence.

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